Heritage Initiative

Our Heritage Initiative honors the most esteemed individuals in the field of personality and social psychology. Students, colleagues, and friends are invited to nominate the name of a mentor they would like to honor to become a part of our Heritage Wall. Our inductees are immortalized for their contribution to research, teaching, mentorship, and/or service and the lasting impact they have left on the science of psychology. If you know of someone who has had an important, positive impact on the field, consider honoring their hard work by nominating them for the Heritage Wall.

The funds accompanied by the nomination process are reserved for our Heritage Dissertation Research grants—another great way the Heritage Initiative, our honorees, and you can pay it forward for the future of personality and social psychology.

Honor a colleague, mentor, or friend today

Make a donation to our Heritage Initiative using one of the two options below. In either option, please be sure to indicate the name of the Heritage Wall nominee that you wish to recognize.

  1. Option 1 – If you have an SPSP account, please follow these steps to complete your donation.
  2. Option 2 – If you do not have an SPSP account, please follow these steps to complete your donation using PayPal.

Option 1

  1. Select your donation amount in the box below
  2. Click the box "Dedicate my donation" and indicate the nominee you are honoring
  3. A line will then appear to enter the nominee's name 
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and then proceed to check out
  5. For any questions or concerns, please contact director@spsp.org.

Heritage Wall: Honoring Impact in Personality and Social Psychology Donation

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Honor someone special or memorialize someone who has passed with your donation.


Option 2

  1. Navigate to our PayPal Heritage Initiative donation page.
  2. Select your donation amount.
  3. Select the payment option "Donate with PayPal" or "Donate with Debit or Credit Card"
  4. Click the "+ To whom should these funds be dedicated?" and enter the nominee's name
  5. Enter your billing details
  6. Click "Donate Now"

For more information about giving to SPSP, please contact:

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