Diversity Fund

Donations to the Diversity Fund help provide support to student members in attending the Annual Convention and additional programs organized by SPSP leadership and the Diversity and Climate Committee (e.g. Community Catalyst Grants, Undergraduate Diversity Breakfast, Graduate Diversity Admired Scholar Meet-up). Our Registration Stipends support a myriad of students of different backgrounds, including students of color, LGBTQ+, students with a disability, and first-generation college students attending our Annual Convention. To further diversify our field and give voices to students of underrepresented backgrounds, this is a significant step toward ensuring all have a place in Personality and Social Psychology.

Rebecca Covarrubias, a recipient of the award and now a mentor to graduate and undergraduate students in psychology, notes the reward was critical to her own professional development as a student:

"Receiving the Diversity Graduate Travel Award is a great honor. As a Latina scholar from a low-income, first-generation background, the opportunity to connect with other diverse scholars and mentors at the conference and to be financially supported in this endeavor was critical for my personal and professional development. Navigating SPSP can feel overwhelming for a beginning graduate student, especially for a student from a background similar to my own. This kind of program sends the message that I belong and have a space in this community. As a faculty member now, I encourage my own students to apply so that they can share a similar experience, and so that we continue to expand our networks and representations of diverse scholars within psychology."

You may read more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives or consider making a small gift today to support underrepresented students in the field of personality and social psychology.

Diversity Fund

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