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CDR Lab Research Professional: Web-Based Programmer
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Center for Decision Research

Job Information

Job Summary:


The Research Professional will serve as an integral member of the Center for Decision Research (CDR) research staff, who will oversee the design, deployment and management of research studies and their related data collection for all CDR researchers, as well as several affiliate researchers.  The central responsibility of this position involves assisting faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students affiliated with the CDR by programming online research stimuli capable of accurately and securely collecting various forms of response data from users. This position also involves maintaining a research management website and database for the CDR.  The research professional will be required to coordinate with CDR researchers, as well as staff in the CDR Labs and the Booth IT Department, in order to program, monitor, and maintain the operational performance of the projects that they execute, and to troubleshoot problems as they arise in a timely manner. 



  • Consult with faculty, postdoctoral and PhD student researchers affiliated with the Center for Decision Research (CDR) in order to design, program/code and launch websites that present dynamic survey materials, and collect data in an accurate and secure manner, conforming to legal and ethical data and privacy protection standards.Translate research design needs into web-based data collection applications that accurately and securely collect various forms of response data from users.
    • Meet with researchers in a timely manner after receiving a project request, after which a wireframe or outline of the design for projects should be presented along with an estimate for completion, to be approved by the researchers.
    • Write the code for each project, both for front-end presentation of stimulus materials and related survey questions to participants, as well as the code and database structure to collect the data submitted by participants in an accurate and secure manner, and conforming to the data requirements set by the researchers.
    • After reviewing initial front-end code and back-end database deliverables, complete any adjustments to the project as necessary, based upon the feedback of the researchers.
    • Maintain project request records and workflow timeline, including timestamps of requests, time estimates for project completion, communications records, and deliverable dates.
    • Manage several projects simultaneously, and provide accurate and clearly-communicated estimates of project completion.
    • Troubleshoot issues with delivered projects in a timely manner.
    • Create and maintain documentation for completed projects, including coding procedures for manipulating key factors within the programs, as well as a system for storing completed project code along with related documentation.
    • Assist in hiring and overseeing temporary programming consultants as needed.
    • Develop expertise in web-based data collection methods, including proficiency in understanding how to program applications that interact well with existing data collection applications and platforms commonly used in the social sciences (e.g., Mechanical Turk, Qualtrics), and that meet legal and ethical data and privacy protection standards.
  • Maintain the CDR research website and database.
    • Provide ongoing programming / coding maintenance and upgrades to the CDR research site and database, as needed.Manage routine maintenance schedule for database backup.
    • Troubleshoot issues with the website and/or database in a timely manner.
    • Assist in gathering quarterly feedback about user experience of the CDR research site, and coordinate with to the Manager of Research Operations to determine upgrades to be deployed to the site.
    • Assist in hiring and overseeing temporary programming consultants as needed.



Additional Requirements

Education, Experience and Certifications



  • Bachelor's degree required.



  • A minimum of one year of web-based programming experience required.


Technical Knowledge or Skills:

  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills required.
  • Ability to prioritize daily responsibilities among complicated processes, projects and requests required.
  • Ability to find, research, and troubleshoot errors and issues required.
  • Exceptional communication skills; clear and quick responsiveness, ability to provide accurate progress updates, ability to communicate about programming with a non-technical audience, and professional demeanor and discretion required.
  • Proficiency in applied web-based programming and development, with basic front-end design skills and expertise in back-end and database design and management required.
    • Front-end design/management skills: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS
    • Back-end development/management skills: PHP, Node.js
    • Database development/management skills: MongoDB
  • Comfort with working collaboratively with researchers and staff as well as working independently required.
  • Familiarity with Qualtrics, Inquisit, and/or collecting data through Amazon Mechanical Turk is preferred.
  • Ability to analyze user data and offer insights preferred.


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