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Freelance researcher and writer
Private Sector
PsychologyCompass is a content platform and behavioral change tool that offers science-backed lessons for top performers in entrepreneurial and organizational domains who are looking to achieve peak cognitive functioning.

Our lessons and assessment tools leverage insights from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics research in order to bring about lasting change for personal and professional growth.

Our competitive advantage is that we are a self-directed learning tool that is evidence-based and quantifiable in its end-to-end design for individual users and teams. The tool's functions are centralized, personalized, and easily scaled for exponential growth.

PsychologyCompass is looking for freelance researchers and writers to contribute on a regular basis. Ideal candidates will show evidence of excellent research/writing skills. They will also have a knack for translating theoretical research into real-world application. 

We are a fresh and exciting startup - a remote team that offers all employees complete flexibility. Work anywhere, anytime. Flex your PhD muscles outside the traditional bounds of academia.

For inquiries or to apply, please contact Nick Hobson at

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