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Laboratory Manager
Georgetown University
$30,000 - $39,999
The Laboratory on Social & Affective Neuroscience at Georgetown University is seeking a full-time lab manager to begin in mid-July, 2018. 

The position involves both research-related and administrative work in support of the lab, which is directed by Abigail Marsh and is located in the Psychology Department on the main campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  

Research in the lab is aimed at understanding human social interactions, emotional functioning, and empathy using cognitive neuroscience methods. We focus in particular on emotion and on nonverbal communication. Our research includes studies with adolescents and adults, incorporating neuroimaging, cognitive and behavioral testing, and pharmacology techniques. The position is ideal for highly motivated college graduates seeking to apply to graduate school in psychology or neuroscience. 

The lab manager’s primary responsibilities include:
• Supervising the work of undergraduate research assistants and volunteers.
• Working to prepare stimuli and running subjects for empirical studies.
• Recruiting study participants and maintaining the participant databases.
• Collecting, entering, processing, and analyzing behavioral and neuroimaging data, and assisting the Principal Investigator in the preparation of presentations and manuscripts. 
• Coordinating the scheduling, budgeting activities, and administrative tasks of the laboratory.
• Preparing grant applications and applying for approval for research by oversight bodies.
• Completing special projects and other duties as assigned. 

The position requires: 

• A Bachelor’s degree, with at least one year of prior experience working in a psychology or neuroscience research laboratory conducting research with human subjects.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Qualitative abilities sufficient to complete preliminary data analysis.
• Ability to work effectively independently.
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office and statistical analysis software (e.g., SPSS). 
• Familiarity with neuroimaging data collection and analysis is desirable

For more information about the lab, please visit:   

Inquiries and CVs can be sent to:  
Lydia Meena
Georgetown University,Department of Psychology
37th & O St Northwest WGR
Washington DC, 20057
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