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Behavioral Research Fellow Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
Kellogg School of Management; Research Support
As a behavioral Research Fellow, you will collaborate with faculty and PhD students at the Kellogg School of Management to work on experimental behavioral research projects. Your contributions to these research projects might span all aspects of the research life cycle: experimental development, subject recruitment, experimental deployment, and data analysis. Experiments might take place in either a laboratory or an online setting.

Applicants should have an interest in applying for a PhD program in one of the social sciences and pursuing an academic research career. The ideal candidate will have: (i) a strong interest in social psychology or a similar discipline; (ii) experience working with the methodologies and software tools commonly used in psychology experiments; (iii) past experience with research, either as a research assistant or from doing independent research of one's own.

Your research duties will vary, but they might include: reviewing literature, drafting/modifying IRB protocols, designing experiments, programming surveys or other web-based experiments, testing experiments prior to deployment, scheduling and running experiments, analyzing experimental results, and/or editing manuscripts.

Successful candidates will have completed at least a bachelor's degree by the employment start date. If selected, you will be offered a one-year appointment, with the ability to renew for one year based on performance.

Your application should include a cover letter briefly describing your career or academic goals, and your most recent college transcripts uploaded as a single document.

Interested candidates should apply through the Northwestern University career portal:

There are two positions currently posted under job IDs: 33255 & 33256
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