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Research and Project Manager
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts (CEVA)

Hi everyone, 

I am serving on the board of the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts’ (Mia) Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts (CEVA). In that role, I would like to share this opportunity which is a perfect fit for someone with a psychology degree (MA or higher) who has expertise in empathy or prosocial behavior. Please share, post, and forward widely. Note that the deadline is on Feb 2.  

Sara Konrath, PhD
Indiana University, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy  


The Research and Project Manager will oversee and coordinate grant-funded research initiatives and studies for Mia’s recently established Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts (CEVA).  Mia aspires to create positive social change in our communities by using the power of art to foster empathy among museum audiences. CEVA will explore and research best practices for fostering empathy and compassion through engagement with art. Through collaboration with fellow museum colleagues, researchers, scholars, artists, and other thought leaders, CEVA’s goal is to develop and disseminate research-based evidence and easy-to-use tools that guide museums in using their collections to foster empathy among visitors. 

In this role, you will… 

• Serve as the Project Manager and onsite researcher for Mia’s Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts.
•  Collect and manage data, serve as a liaison between the museum, researchers, schools, and audiences engaged in experimental educational programs/activities and exhibitions in coordination with UC Berkeley’s Human Interaction Lab, University of Minnesota’s Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI), and other research partners.
•  Develop and maintain project timeline and schedule of activities.
•  Schedule, organize, and participate in project meetings with the Mia team and research partners.
•  Communicate with and schedule control/treatment group observations/museum visits, complete and record appropriate authorizations/paperwork, and coordinate transportation.
• Collaborate on research initiatives and data collection with Mia team, university and community partners, and school administrators.
•  Serve as a key member and work closely with Mia’s core CEVA team to develop strategies and prototypes for testing and iteration.
•  Work and be trained by researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s Human Interaction Lab, the University of Minnesota’s CAREI, and other research partners.  

Specific Requirements

•  A combination of experience and education that demonstrates possession of the necessary knowledge and abilities for this position.
•  Past experience conducting research and/or evaluation projects, managerial experience with a large project.
•  MA/MS or M.Ed in relevant field with a background in research and evaluation, statistics, visitor studies, or the social sciences preferred.
•  Demonstrated knowledge of the principles and practices of program evaluation and visitor research methodology, design and execution, and data management and analysis.
•  Exceptional communication and presentation skills (both written and verbal, formal and informal).
•  Ability to assemble statistical information, and assess and evaluation that information as to its validity and appropriateness.
•  Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
•  Proficiency in computer word-processing and database programs like Excel; MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Google Apps.
•  Ability to work independently and with a variety of people.
•  Availability to work some evenings and weekends.  

Who You Are

You have a passion for people and art.  You demonstrate empathy in your personal and professional relationships, and have an understanding of the role and practice of empathy in fostering greater understanding of others and altruism. You are creative and open minded. You are a positive and effective communicator. You value data and like the challenge of collecting it in innovative ways, and then making sense of it. You are detail-oriented, while always having your eye on the big picture. You are an enthusiastic advocate for all things Mia. 

You’re good at and enjoy… 

•  Recognizing the value in others’ unique perspectives.
•  Knowing your success is directly related to visitor satisfaction.
•  Setting challenging goals and achieving them.
•  Taking advantage of promising opportunities.  

Mia Culture

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is an audience-centered workplace where everyone strives to provide excellent service and cultivate honest and positive relationships. Generosity, agility, emotional intelligence, positive energy, and driving results are the core values that define Mia’s culture. Successful employment at Mia includes full embrace and consistent demonstration of these values by all team members.  

To Apply

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter including your interest in the position, what you will bring to the position, and why you are the ideal candidate, and a resume outlining your educational and professional experience to  

Posting Deadline

Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 2, 2018.  


Sara Konrath
Indiana University,Lilly Family School of Philanth
301 University Blvd Suite 3000
Indianapolis IN, 46202
NOTE: The above information is provided by the employer. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc. does not verify the accuracy of these statements.