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Post-doctoral fellowship in Cultural Psychology
Arizona State Univ.
Post-doctoral Position
$40,000 - $49,999

Hi all.  I want to announce a post-doctoral opportunity. This is for a grant I have just received on “Broadening Culture”.  A cultural psych person would be a good match. The post-doc is funded by the US Department of Defense and here is a link to the post-doc ad and then an abstract of the work.


 (please click on Postdoctoral Research Associate JOB#12007)

Abstract of the Grant Work:

For decades, culture in psychology has been virtually synonymous with ethnicity and nationality.  While many advances have been made, a full understanding of culture requires expanding our focus to other forms of culture, including social class, region of origin, religion, profession, gender, political culture, and many others. The proposed work will broaden our understanding of culture via a rigorous, multi-method set of studies, including focus groups, quantitative surveys, and a longitudinal study using ecological momentary assessment techniques, with which we will predict successful adaptation.  We will also elucidate the role that cultural memories play in constituting cultural identities.  To take maximum advantage of our techniques, we will use the most cutting edge methodological and quantitative approaches to research design and data analysis, including hierarchical linear modeling and full information maximum likelihood estimation to account for attrition and missing data.  We will also ensure the measurement invariance of scales before making claims about cultural variation across groups. We have assembled a top notch, interdisciplinary team, representing social and cultural, developmental, cognitive, and quantitative psychology, led by principal investigator Adam Cohen, who has forcefully argued for the expansion of psychology’s views of culture.  This work will be important in terms of application potential because US military and strategic interests require a full understanding of what culture is, how various cultures affect our goals and behaviors, how various cultural identities change over time, why cultural identities vary in importance over time, and how such variation predicts adaptation.  


Please feel free to forward to anyone you think would be a good match for the position.  Thanks!



Adam B. Cohen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Associate editor, JPSP: PPID


Department of Psychology
Arizona State University
950 South McAllister Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85287-1104 USA


Phone: (480) 965-7345,  Fax: (480) 965-8544, Office: Psychology 276

Adam B. Cohen
Arizona State University,Dept. of Psych
PO Box 871104
Tempe AZ, 85287
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