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PhD and teaching position in quantitative psychology II.
KU Leuven - University of Leuven

As an assistant, 2/3 of your time will be devoted to your PhD research and 1/3 to teaching.

Your PhD research will include:

  • research on the robustness and reproducibility of the results of existing data analyses
  • contributing to the development of
  • performing replication studies
  • developing a method for assessing generalization
  • the evaluation and facilitation of pre-registration

Within the context of these themes, you are encouraged to develop your own research track.

Regarding teaching:

  • As a member of a didactical team, you will teach and coordinate the practical sessions in BA and MA statistics courses for psychologists.
  • Besides the practical sessions, you will also be responsible for coaching individual students and groups of students, and you will help with the preparation of mock exams and exams, and the grading.
  • Based on the existing didactical material, you will be encouraged to optimize the teaching practices.

Depending on external factors, it may be possible that the main focus is on research.


You have a master degree, preferably in (quantitative) psychology. You have a profound knowledge of statistics and data analysis. You are precise and passionate. You have excellent English reporting skills (for oral and written communication). You are sufficiently proficient in Dutch so that you can teach in Dutch (unless the main focus is research). You have demonstrable didactical qualities. (A teaching degree is an asset.)

Conditions of employment:

We offer a full-time position, initially for 1 year, starting on September 16, 2017, and renewable to a maximum of 6 years (4 years if the main focus is research). For your PhD research, you will work in a motivated and competent research team. For your teaching activities, you will be part of an experienced and dynamical didactical team. Your net salary will be approximately 1900 euro per month.



For your research, you will collaborate with Wolf Vanpaemel, Francis Tuerlinckx and their collaborators, who are all part of the research group Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences. Our research group is an international and performant research environment, consisting of 6 professors and 25 PhD students and postdocs. See for further information and relevant publications.

For your contribution to teaching, you will be part of the didactical teams of the statistics courses. These teams meet regularly and aim at a continuous improvement of the education.

The KU Leuven-University of Leuven is a research oriented institution and is consistently ranked among the top research universities in Europe. Leuven is one of the oldest university towns in Europe, about 30 km from Brussels. It has a rich history, culture and night life, and a unique friendly atmosphere.


Additional information:

For more information please contact Wolf Vanpaemel ( You can apply for this job no later than June 7, 2017 via the online application tool

Wolf Vanpaemel
Tiensestraat 102 box 3717
Tiensestraat 102
Leuven, 3000
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