Job Detail

Research Recruitment Manager
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Behavioral Laboratory
$90,000 - $99,999
The Behavioral Laboratory seeks a (1) B-Lab Research Recruitment Manager (Social Science Research Professional 2). The B-Lab Research Recruitment Manager will be responsible for two crucial aspects of the laboratory: recruiting human subjects throughout campus for our laboratory experiments, and recruiting and managing our flexible labor pool of undergraduate research assistants. The B-Lab Research Recruitment Manager will also draw on their creativity and problem-solving skills to broaden and improve academic research in the Behavioral Lab.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to engage with students, student groups, and staff offices around campus, learning all the obvious and hidden sources for people who want to participate in our experiments as subjects, or to help out by being research assistants. You will use your strengths of connecting with others and getting them excited about your interests. Your management skills are crucial for this role, as you will be overseeing our 5-15 part-time undergraduate research assistants (RAs) on various faculty projects. For faculty coding projects, you will ensure that the RAs know what they need to do, are carrying out their projects correctly and on-time and juggle them between projects. Flexibility and a deep curiosity for behavioral research will also be a strength because other responsibilities may arise and be included in your role. If you have background and education in the behavioral and social sciences, you may have the opportunity to engage with faculty and doctoral students at a higher level, potentially offering advice and direction to their coding projects for which they need RA support.

In addition to subject recruitment and RA management, you will contribute significantly to continuously improve our research support mandate, depending on your background and your interests.

This is a 100% on-site job that requires work with in-person subjects. Remote work is not available for this role.

Please see the posting for the full job description.
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