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Lab Manager
University of California, Berkeley
Haas Business School, The Institute of Personality and Social Research and Psychology
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Posting date: May 1, 2021\

Dana R. Carney at the University of California, Berkeley, is hiring a new lab manager!

**Yes, Berkeley will be in-person in the fall!! Vaccination (2-dose, I think) is required by UC Berkeley (FYI). You will have an office at UC Berkeley and yes it is expected you'd move here. Working from home some days is natural-- we all do it (especially when you are writing up paper!). But it is likely we will be collecting human participant data again in the fall- in person and all be back in the office to a great extent.


Hello everyone, my fabulous lab manager, Isaac Raymundo, is going off to Columbia to get his PhD and now I must try to find a way to replace him! (Always a bittersweet moment).

(UC Berkeley is getting up the "official" submission portal but I wanted to start getting the word out ASAP.)

in my lab, the graduate students and I study:

1. racial bias and discrimination (broadly speaking but we are particularly focused on the black and/or African American experience and white privilege)

2. power, status, and inequality (this intersects with #1 above often)

3. nonverbal communication (this tends to run through many of our studies (#1 and #2, for sure) and experiments-- but not all; we also study nonverbal behavior in and of itself such as, "What is the nonverbal display of sexual attraction?" "Do single people have different nonverbals than folks in a relationship?" And many other ideas like that-- we are always thinking up new nonverbal experiments that are theoretically and/or practically novel-- sometimes they end up being more "fun" than "deep" but if it is interesting and new and practical then we tend to dive in!).

ideally, you'd be interested in BOTH nonverbal communication and 1 or more of the substantive research areas (either, or both, racial bias/power-status). I am also interested in and willing to follow your ideas as you gain skills and independence (and the idea is awesome!!).

If you are interested, send me a brief cover letter (nothing fancy, unless you have something you really want/need to say) and a CV (make sure a list of reference/letter writers are listed as I may call/email them) and let me know you are interested (email below). I can then send you the "official" link (you know bureaucracy) to submit application materials to (probably just the same 2 documents) as soon as UC Berkeley has it ready.

i am looking for someone who is 100% sure they want to go to grad school in social psychology or an OB program at a B-School. You will ave exposure to folks in the management group at Haas, the behavioral marketing folks at Haas, and the social psychologists in the psychology department (as well as the broad interdisciplinary talent who are a part of the community-- economics, public policy, law, public health, neuropsych, developmental, clinical, etc.). Every lab manager I have ever had in my 11 years at Berkley has truly become "one of the group" and felt (and was treated like) a grad student in almost every way-- I can provide references if you like :) Also, they have all gone on to incredible PhD programs (some have even graduated!! That must mean I am officially old).

My lab mangers typically become de-facto graduate students; we do collaborative research together that culminates in authorship-- without exception. Most of the work we will do is research-- sometimes I will have a wacky idea and ask you to post it, other times you will have a brilliant insight and we will start studying it. The idea is to create a win-win so that we are both optimally productive and you gain the theoretical and practical experience and skills to be a competitive PhD applicant (and we do a ton of fun research along the way). You will also likely collaborate w/other grad students and faculty-- I try to encourage my lab managers (usually after their first 6 months) to find a second lab to attend and do research with other faculty to get the best experience possible.

Yes there are some administrative things such as helping me stay on track with IRBs (I need hellllp......), scheduling lab meetings, helping the lab hire undergraduate RAs, helping to manage those undergraduate RAs, and I might ask for help with this or that but I really am looking for a bright young star with whom to collaborate and watch grow and thrive (and we will get a lot done!).

I am looking for a firm 2-year commitment. Ideally someone with skills in R or demonstrated R aptitude so that you will learn fast. Ideally, you have a decent amount of research experience but just not quite enough to apply to grad school (yet; or you did not get in). You can be about to graduate or have already graduated-- any stage is just fine as long as you can commit to 100% effort doing research full time at Berkeley in my lab!. 

Ideally you'd start some time in June before Isaac leaves so you can overlap a little with him but that is not a huge deal-- he will not be far and can help out with the transition. July or early August is also fine-- the sooner the better though.

If you have any special experience with stats, R, field experiments, psychophysiology, neuroendocrinology, nonverbal coding, programming-- all of that is highly valuable.

***Women and people from underrepresented social groups are encouraged to apply and that is not "lip service." I have a strong, dedicated, passionate, demonstrated track record of working with diverse talent and it is something I am very serious about and I would LOVE to hear from you!!***

Until the Berkeley website is up, send me your CV and a brief introductory cover letter!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Note- I will not be able to officially "hire" until the Berkeley website us up for 30 days so keep that in mind, but I'd love to start getting applications and making a short list as soon as possible and make a "soft hire" (meaning official...only not "official" paperwork-wise/Berkeley bureaucracy).








Dana Rose Carney
2220 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley CA, 94720
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