Job Detail

Postdoctoral researcher in technology and moral behavior
Sentience Institute
Post-doctoral Position
We are a team of researchers focused on researching the expansion of humanity's moral circle. This position offers a lot of flexibility with few requirements other than the production of high-quality research that fits within our mission. We are open to a variety of social science methods and disciplinary backgrounds, such as moral psychology.

Our research since we founded SI in 2017 has almost entirely been on the treatment of animals, a particularly important frontier of the moral circle, but we're eager to explore some of the long-term contexts of moral inclusion. We'd be particularly excited to hire a researcher who wants to explore artificial intelligence, artificial sentience, and other ways in which technology interacts with long-term moral progress. For example, what characteristics of artificial entities (e.g. robots, virtual assistants) make people more or less likely to see them as morally relevant? How can AI systems make appropriate moral decisions when interacting with a wide range of biological and artificial entities? More detail is in the job posting.

The application deadline is July 31st. Please feel free to share with your colleagues and any relevant mailing lists. We know job applications can take a lot of time, and we will do our best to be considerate of your schedule throughout our hiring process.
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