Graduate Travel Award Fund

Our Travel/Registration Awards support a host of SPSP members, including undergraduates, graduate students, and teachers/scholars who have made a notable difference for their students. These awards in part support diversifying our field, supporting students in their research, and rewarding excellent pedagogy in the field of personality and social psychology.

One student who attended our convention in 2016 with the support of a travel award, notes the experience as career-changing both academically and professionally.

"Last year the Graduate Travel Award allowed me to go to SPSP to present my research to an audience of nearly 400 researchers. Being able to attend this incredibly prestigious conference without excessive financial concerns allowed me to both reach a larger audience with my research and meet some of the leading researchers in our field to establish a lasting connection. At SPSP 2016, I met with a researcher who I had a few ties with but had not met in person before. She and I met and spoke about a few ideas we had in common, we hit it off right away both academically and inter-personally. We even signed a contract together to write a book! I didn't just meet researchers but I also had the opportunity to meet with a publisher. As a graduate student, I feel like this is a fairly rare occurrence that a publisher reaches out to you so early in your career. But because I was in attendance at SPSP, and because of the prestige of my travel award and a variety of other awards, she identified me as a person to meet, and I cannot be more grateful to SPSP for the support and the opportunity to become a more integrated member of my field."  –  Amanda

Amanda is just one of many students our Graduate Travel Awards support. If you are interested in paying it forward and supporting the next generation of students, researchers, and future leaders in personality and social psychology, please consider making a gift today.

If you are interested in applying, you may visit our Graduate Travel Awards page for more information.

Graduate Travel Award

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