"SPUR allowed me to gain valuable experiences regarding research methodology, poster presentations, data analysis, and multiracial literature. Because of these experiences, I feel more prepared for graduate school and for my future endeavors of becoming a researcher."  –  Felix

Our Summer Program for Undergraduate Research is an academic career-making experience. Students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups are invited to apply for an intensive, eight-week summer internship focused on research. Students are paired with a research mentor and are invited to design a research experience in the field of personality and social psychology. Under the guidance of an experienced personality or social psychologist, the students are able to conduct their research, collaborate with fellow exports, and ultimately present their findings to their colleagues and fellow academics.

SPUR is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for underrepresented students to make an impactful mark in their academic career. Felix Wu, a SPUR alumni, completed the program in the summer of 2018. Felix used SPUR as an opportunity to explore multiracial research in the context of discrimination, working with Dr. Sarah Gaither at Duke University.

"I was given the chance to work with one of my host university's graduate students, Brenda, on my own research project. We looked into analyzing the intersectionality of multiracial identity and sexual orientation and their additive effects on alcohol use. Through this entire process, my mentor and Brenda offered amazing mentoring to help me through the study."

"SPUR has given me a great opportunity to hone my research skills and open my eyes to many issues at hand. I am incredibly grateful for my mentor, Dr. Gaither, for being such an excellent mentor. She has taught me so much about both research and other professional aspects. Through these experiences, I have gained a much better understanding of psychology research. This would be a tremendous opportunity for anyone who can take advantage of it!"

Felix is just one of the many students SPUR has made all the difference for. If you're inspired by Felix's story, you may read more here to be further inspired or please consider making a small gift today to benefit more students.

If you are interested in applying for SPUR or becoming a SPUR mentor, please visit the program page here.

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